We offer a wide selection of coffee, teas, paninis, and more



Refreshing, sparkling, caffeine-free



Warm and delicious sandwiches made upon order



Cold, thick, and creamy



Made with Panther Coffee

Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Made in house - less acidic than iced coffee and more robust



Ask your Barista about our large tea offering

Drink Up


classics and neo-classics

  • Americano

    2oz of espresso diluted with hot water
  • Cappuccino

    Espresso and foamed milk
  • Latte

    Espresso and frothed milk
  • Honey Bee

    Cuban espresso with honey, vanilla, and steamed milk
  • Espresso

    Served solo or doppio
  • Cafe con Leche

    Cuban coffee, sugar, and steamed milk
  • Flat White

    Espresso and steamed milk
  • Mocha

    A rich chocolate latte
  • Affogato

    Espresso and ice cream
  • The Bohemian

    Lavender, white chocolate latte made with oat milk
  • Cortado

    Cuban espresso and steamed milk

fresh brew.

great coffee. that is all.

  • Fresh Brews

    Fresh drip coffee
  • Alpha Flight

  • Bad Bambi

    salted toffee caramel
  • Dark Knight

    dark chocolate
  • King’s Canter

  • White Queen

    white chocolate/vanilla

cold brew.

house-made, 24-hour steep

  • Cold Brew

    panther coffee cold steeped
  • Alpha Flight

    maple syrup/cream
  • Bad Bambi

    the ultimate caramel coffee experience
  • Brown Sugar

    our house made brown sugar sauce
  • The Buckeye

    peanut butter/chocolate
  • Dark Knight

    dark chocolate
  • King’s Canter

  • Naughty Chai

    chai/cold brew
  • White Queen

    white chocolate/vanilla
  • Seasonal

    ask your Barista!


teas and matcha

  • Hot tea

    we have a large variety of quality teas - ask about our current offerings
  • Iced tea

    brewed upon order
  • Matcha

    sweet and un-sweet matchas available
  • Concoctions

    our “special-teas” which include the 007, Bad Wolf, and Clockwork Orange

    Served hot or iced


cold, creamy, thick… delicious

  • Coffee

    the classic and an absolute banger!
  • Caramel Latte

    a frozen caramel latte
  • Mocha

    rich and chocolatey
  • Moonstruck

    the moon pie frappe - chocolate/graham/marshmallow
  • Museum Frappe/Seasonal

    ask your barista!


caffeine-free, sparkling fruit drink

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

  • The Maitlander

    a nod to maitland’s days of citrus groves - lemon/lime/tangerine/orange
  • Nirvana

    the perfect drink - blackberry and lavender balanced to perfection
  • Sublime

  • Seasonal

    ask your Barista!

hot chocolate, et al.

cold creamy frappes, hot chocolates, and steamers

  • Hot Chocolate

    our house-made hot chocolate that is made upon order
  • Bourgie Hot

    scratch made hot chocolate with marshmallows, whip, chocolate sauce, and an Oreo cookie in the bottom
  • Steamer

    whole milk and syrup steamed to frothy goodness
  • Flavored Milks

    ice cold milk with strawberry puree or chocolate sauce


cascara infused sparkling fruit drink that will energize you

  • Atom Eve

    rose/peach/butterfly pea flower
  • Bee’s Knees

    coconut/honey/pineapple/vanilla/coconut milk
  • Let the Good Times Roll

    sour green apple
  • seasonal

    ask your barista

good eats.

good eats, daily menu

  • Overnight Oats (v)

    vegan friendly, tummy filling, and scrumptious
  • Paninis

    a variety of pressed sandwiches are served throughout the week - we also have vegetarian options each day
  • Cookies

    we carry Heartsong Cookies baked by the incredible local baker Kathy Paiva