Comics and Coffeehouse


MON - FRI 9 to 7
SAT 11-7 | SUN 11-6


500 E Horatio Ave STE 3, Maitland, FL 32751

In this place... We believe in the power of imagination. We thrive on ink and pulp. In this place, we believe... no, we KNOW The truth is out there; but that sometimes The answer is as simple as “42”. In this place We walk among fey folk, howl with the Wookies, and sift sands with Morpheus. We are wizards, jokers, self-rescuing Princesses, Lords of Chaos, and champions Of the downtrodden. In this place, with all Of our differences, we are a family of myriad Possibilities. There is work. There is home.
And then... there is this place.