D&D with Mason

D&D with Mason

DATE: Bi-weekly, starting Sat. Mar. 4th, 12:30-3pm

Mason will be running D&D 5e sessions every other Saturday from 12:30-3 pm starting March 4th. All experience levels are welcome!

Session one will be a level zero introduction to the game that will help new players get acquainted with the game, but also let old hats try their hand at a new way of playing. So whether you’ve never held a D20, or if you’ve 3-inch solid pewter figurines that you’ve used for 20 years, you will have a space at the table!

After session one, Mason will move on to D&D modules so that players don’t have to commit to long-term campaigns if they don’t want to, though players are welcome to carry their characters through to different modules.

As far as your equipment, you can decide whether you’d like to go digital, tactile, or even a mix of the two. Mason will be using D&D beyond, though you can use any digital tool you’d like to manage your character. If you’d prefer to go with the old print sheets, that is totally cool too!

If you are able to, take a look at the basic rules before coming!

Mason has also made a discord for staying in contact, so feel free to join!

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Suggested Equipment – You can get everything you need at Blackbird!

  • A set of dice – you can get these at Blackbird up by the register; go as fancy as you like, though we really just need a basic set.
  • A character sheet – You can print one off, or pick one up at Blackbird for free; Mason has left some for you.
  • A character you’ve created – feel free to look around online and come up with a character you’d like to play as, though bear in mind we will be starting at level zero (only for the first session), so you won’t have any special items or anything. If you aren’t sure how to create a character, Mason will be in the shop starting at 11:30 am on March 4th to help you!
  • An open mind – feel free to be yourself or anyone you’d like to be at the table, but leave any hatred or prejudice at home, and be conscious of others at the table and in the shop.

Nice To Have

  • Players Handbook – A general guide to playing in D&D, includes races, classes, rules, and more!