Whether you rarely pick one up… or are an avid at-home reader, book clubs are a way to increase reading time, discover new genres, read outside your comfort zone, make bookworm friends, and, well, get out of the house.

Book club provides an outlet to share your honest opinion on literature, hear others’ points of view, and participate in thought-provoking conversations stemming from book analysis.

Questions You Might Have About BOOK CLUB:

Do I have to “participate”? No. You just have to show up. If you want to hang out and listen to the discussion without vocalizing your opinion, that’s perfectly okay! And if you are concerned about feeling embarrassed or awkward… don’t be! We are a community of readers and look forward to hearing all literary opinions.

How many book clubs are there? Blackbird has multiple clubs for different book enthusiasts: Graphic Novel, Manga, and Novel/Prose. Attend one or all!

What is the suggested age for book club attendance? We read a variety of book genres, but our Graphic Novel, Manga, and Novel/Prose clubs are aimed at an adult audience. Ages 18+.

Blackbird is introducing a Children’s Summer Book Club in June 2023. Keep posted for more information regarding its inaugural launch.

Is book club rife with drama? No. Is there spicy discourse? Yes. Is it civil? ALWAYS! Let’s face it, differing opinions can provide a satisfying foundation for deep, meaningful discussions. It’s also interesting to see how a person’s opinion on a book, or character, may change over the course of a lengthy discussion.

Do I have to buy the book from Blackbird? Yes. Purchasing the book club book at Blackbird helps to support the club and our independent book store. AND… when you attend book club you receive a nifty discount on your next consecutive book club purchase. 

CHILDREN'S CLUB/PAGES FOR ALL AGES DOES NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE THE BOOK AT BLACKBIRD! You can get your child's book club books at the Maitland and Winter Park Libraries!

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