Our Little Emporium


Books can transport you to realms of unlimited possibilities, provide you with a front row seat to incredible feats of daring, allow you to explore the dark recesses of the human heart from a safe distance. Books also give us hope with portrayals of the endless depths of the human spirit, tales of commonly shared experiences, and inspiring biographies. Books can open doors, expand horizons, and provide a moment of respite in a sometimes arduous reality. That’s why you will not only find comics and graphic novels, but also novels, manga, poetry, and more. Blackbird hosts multiple book clubs each month: Graphic Novel, Manga, Novel, a quarterly Romance club, and Summer Children's Book Club. Blackbird also offers mail order book club subscriptions and online book club options for our distant bookworms!


Blackbird is constantly purchasing collections. Each week, as collections are processed, we put these books on the wall and in the bins. So there is always something new at Blackbird! We are also an authorized CGC retailer and are able to get your collectible books slabbed and protected.


We are a full service coffeehouse and cafe. Each of our Baristas is passionate about providing you with the best experience possible. We serve coffee from renowned roasters, Blackbird’s cafe boasts a sinfully delicious food menu that changes throughout the week as we only prepare fresh offerings. Our signature sandwich, The Black Philip, will leave your tastebuds tantalized.


Board Games are a wonderful way to connect, face-to-face, with others. At Blackbird you can choose from a huge selection of board games that you can RENT! Play them here or take them home. Love it and can’t live without it? We have games for sale AND we special order as well.


Blackbird carries a carefully curated Vinyl selection. Each week our curator, Deally Stan, adds new vinyl and previously loved vinyl to the racks. Dig cassettes? We have those, too.


Whether you just want to wear some “smell good”, create a chill mood in your home, cleanse your atmosphere, or dine by candlelight, Blackbird has an ever-changing variety of essential oils, responsibly sourced smudge sticks, quality incense, candles, and more.


T-shirts, jewelry, cards, and more. Want to wear a shirt that you can’t find at the big boxes? Dig jewelry that’s eclectic? Enjoy giving odd gifts that say, “I get you”? You’ve come to the right place.