The Who What When Where and Why!


BLACKBIRD sat as an egg in the nest of David Craig and Candice Craig’s minds for over 2 decades. In fact, David and Candice actually met over the comic book SPAWN! Both had talked over the years about opening a shop that had books, coffee, and offered a community space where people could just be themselves. BLACKBIRD officially hatched August of 2018. Since that time, David, Candice, and the entire team at BLACKBIRD have created a place where people can drop their differences at the door and enjoy a community space that promotes personal expression, friendship, and the love of all things pulp!


COME AS YOU ARE. In this place we believe in the power of imagination. We thrive on ink, pulp, and caffeine. In this place we believe, no, we KNOW the truth is out there; but that sometimes the answer is as simple as “42”. In this place we walk among fey folk, howl with the wolves, and sift sands with Morpheus. We are wizards, jokers, self-rescuing princesses, Lords of Chaos, and champions of the downtrodden. In this place, with all of our differences, we are a family of myriad possibilities. There is work. There is home. And then, there is this place.

Blackbird's Team

Comic Book Dave

Founder of Blackbird/Cyclops Fanatic

Growing up we didn’t have a comic shop in my small town. We had a newsstand. At 12 years old I would ride my bicycle to that newsstand every week. I would pick up my paper route, run the route, and then purchase my comics with my earnings! 

Favorite drink: Let the Good Times Roll

First comic book: Brave and the Bold #128

Candice the Caffeinated

Founder of Blackbird/First of Her Name/Queen of the Caffeinated/Defender of the Downtrodden

“My first cup of coffee was given to me by my Memaw (my gran). I was 12. She percolated a strong brew and put sugar and condensed milk in until it was a sweet and creamy concoction that I can still call to memory today. I have had coffee every day since that day. Coffee represents warmth and comfort to me and I love that I am able to share that with others daily.”

“I am a voracious reader. My love of reading started at 12 (coffee and books!) with The World According to Garp and the flames were fanned with the subsequent readings of Dune and Interview with the Vampire. Dave and I actually met over a comic book: SPAWN! We have, since then, shared our love of reading and coffee for decades and now hope to share that love with everyone we meet.”

Favorite drink: The Brown Sugar Cold Brew

First comic book: Spawn (1992)


Renaissance Woman

I have a dragon collection so in case that doesn’t make it obvious that I love dragons… I LOVE DRAGONS! I’ve always loved to read but I only started reading comics in the last two years. Where I grew up there weren’t any shops around me so I was never introduced to them. Percy Jackson is the series that I remember kick-starting my love of reading. Since then I’ve also held a love for mythology. My partner and I have vocalized this love through the names of our cats: Pluto and Orpheus! This is also a nod to our love of the musical Hadestown. My favorite thing about working at Blackbird is the endless positivity from coworkers and customers. Everyone is genuinely so kind and it makes me grateful to be a part of this store.

Favorite drink: The Atom Eve

First comic book: Bone


The Librarian

Eryn (he/him/she/her) loves books in every form they come. 

Studying history at the University of Florida filled Eryn with a passion for research and organization that translates directly into how she handles comics. Mix in her background in writing and you can understand how she sees every comic as a special story and unique artifact. And since he grew up just down the street from the shop, this community means even more to him! Chat him up about weird DC Comics, manga and music.

Favorite drink: the Naughty Chai

First comic book: Spider-Man Spider Clan #1 (the Italian edition)


The Baby Barista

I am the Baby Barista and I love drawing, drinking coffee, and sacrificing baby goats to the one-eyed god.

Favorite drink: Oatmilk Latte

First comic book: My Little Pony #1


Lead Barista

Courts was harvested from the finest orchard in northern Virginia, and is proud to be an organic and ethically farmed Barista. She enjoys roller skating, cooking, and being baked into pies. Courts likes books about love, and loves books about friendly monsters. Her favorite part of working at Blackbird has been using the customers as guinea pigs for bold new drink recipes.

Favorite drink: Alpha Flight Cold Brew

First comic book: Lumberjanes

Parker aka the Bug

eCommerce Specialist

Bug likes being creative and expresses this through writing, drawing, and painting. She is also a video game aficionado and enjoys Overwatch and Minecraft. 

Bug’s favorite thing about Blackbird is the staff (especially Karli) and that everyone is always so welcoming. “Every member really fits in the store and we all get along really well and I think everyone has a place here because we ARE so different.”

Favorite drink: Bad Bambi.

First comic book: Adventure Time #1



Sam is a mortuary student. She loves horror, writing poetry, and movies!

“I have no mouth, and I must scream.”

Sam’s favorite part about Blackbird? The Mole People!

Favorite Drink: Naughty Chai

First Comic: Adventure Time #1



Sarah (They/Them)

Sarah is a Florida native studying Psychology at UCF to become a therapist. Sarah loves reading, drawing, thrifting, and their cat Jasper.

Sarah’s favorite part about Blackbird is the staff and community!

Favorite Drink: Brown Sugar Cold Brew

First Comic: My Little Pony #1


Comic Book Liaison

Danny has been an avid comic fan since 2016. His favorite superhero is the Barry Allen version of the FLASH. Danny is a big fan of DC Comics and Independent books. He’s also a casual board game player.

Favorite Drink: Let the Good Times Roll

First Comic: DC Universe – Rebirth #1