Every Wednesday, as we unlock the shop doors and greet the Wednesday Warriors by name, we are pulled into a special pocket of the universe that can be summoned to tangibility by a breadcrumb trail of conversations and memories. It’s existed since the first comic book shop opened its doors decades ago and we believe, at BLACKBIRD, that it will exist for decades ad infinitum.

Comic books have the power to unite across borders, fads, and even politics. And that is why New Comic Book Day, a weekly event, is such a sacred day across the globe. It is the embodiment of community and a chance to find face-to-face communion with other people over shared love of superheroes, civilized debate over plot structures, favorite indie character moments, and even “if I had superpowers I would…”.

It’s a chance to escape the rut, the stress, the tech… even if only for a few minutes.

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